Xylenia Flo
Xylenia Flo
Species Palantian
Nationality Illian
Affiliation Palantia
Aliases Flo
Personal Data
Gender Female
Date of Birth Aprox 6500 years BR
Height 4.4 metres
Mass 5 tons
Hair Colour Evergreen
Eye Colour Pistachio Green
Skin Colour Honey Yellow
Biographical Data
Place of Birth Unknown
Occupation Intelligence Gatherer, Researcher
Rank Councel Member, Officer

Grandmother Xylenia Flo is a Palantian Council member and Head of Intelligence in the IIO. Her rise to fame and council membership were brought about by her destruction of the terrorist organisation known as 'Englighten'. Her skills in reconnaissance and organisation are surpassed by no other Iota pact member.

Close Combat: None
Ranged Combat: Illian Heavy Pinrifle
Special Abilities: Use of Illian Combat Enzymes to change skin color and texture.