CFM Begins Assault on Kesera Mor

18:13 16-2-0

The week-long siege of the Tyr Empire Agriworld, Kasera Mor ended today as Canthian Federation Military warships broke the planet's shielding and began orbital bombardment of military facilities and deployment of ground forces.

The CFM began the attack on the Paratan system 27 days ago after removing Tyr forces from the three key strongholds in the constellation. The shields proved stronger than expected and the Canthians were forced to begin a prolonged siege. An Onager-class Siege Dreadnought and a small fleet of smaller vessels were brought into orbit to destroy the shield. The siege, which should have taken only a few hours, was prolonged when the Tyr contacted CFM Fleet Command and revealed that over three hundred thousand hostages were being held on the surface, spread among the planet's key military facilities. They demanded that the CFM withdraw or the hostages would be executed.

The hostages included a group of captured CFM commandos that had been deployed to disable generators, the passengers of an AFC transport that disappeared a week ago and a large number of Vulct rebels. There were also groups civilians kidnapped from most of DOIA's member factions. Attempts at negotiation failed and CFM forces

CFM forces withdrew from close orbit and took up positions blockading the planet. After being given an ultimat

The Tyr appear to have abband