Warlord-class Carrier Battleship

The Warlord-class Carrier Battleship is a fleet warship built and operated by the Canthian Federation Military. Launched in GY-7-GA, it is designed for close quarters ship-to-ship combat as part of a medium or large fleet and is not well suited to operating on its own, or with a full crew for extended periods of time. The Warlord is fitted with 21 6.9m2 Twin Railgun turrets, 16 Super Heavy Multi-Launchers, 4 Heavy Bomber runways and 84 Rapid Launch Fighter Bays, as well as a host of smaller defensive weapons. It is designed to be versatile and can carry bombers, fighters or a mix of the two, and it is equipped

Famous Warlords

  • The CMS Warlord - The first vessel of this class launched. It was destroyed in GY-9-GA, during a fleet battle with Tyr Empire forces, over Carsus IV.

  • The CMS Bloodrage - The Bloodrage became famous after it survived an ambush, in GY-16-GA, by a medium sized Sehtokrun fleet during FTL travel between two CFM starbases. Caught in a previously unknown form of wormhole interception technology, the Bloodrage was taken by surprise. Despite being outnumbered and outgunned, the Bloodrage survived the battle and destroyed approximately 35% of the opposing fleet before Canthian reinforcements could arrive. One of the ship's fighter pilots, Ankea Tarsa, is credited with a large share of the responsibility for the battleship's survival after she single-handedly destroyed the Krun's Command Ship, when she exploited a weakness in it's overlapping shield system to plant a missile in the wall of the ship's reactor, breaching it and annihilating the vessel and many smaller vessels around it.