Species Novakyan
Nationality Deltan
Affiliation Delta Military Forces
Aliases Terror of the Traverse, The Pirate Queen, The Viking
Personal Data
Gender Female
Date of Birth -48
Height {$height}
Mass {$mass}
Hair Colour Varies
Eye Colour Purple
Skin Colour {$skincolour}
Biographical Data
Place of Birth Unknown
Occupation Soldier
Rank Amatakar

Vig, whose full name is unknown and is commonly referred to as "The Viking" (an old Canthian word for Pirate), is an reformed pirate turned military hero and Amatakar. She is a Novakyan currently serving in the Delta Military Forces Special Force.

After several years bringing terror to the merchant ships of the Western Traverse as Queen of a large consortium of disparate pirate groups, Vig was cornered and captured by the Delta Security Force. She was sentenced to 100 years in prison or 50 years of penal service in the military. Choosing the latter, Vig excelled as an unconventional warfare specialist both on ground and in space. After ten years of exemplaray service she was made eligible for promotion and quickly rose through the ranks of the Space Force Marines before earning the right to command ships. She pioneered a hit and run strategy using fast light cruisers and rapid deployment marines to sabotage and steal from much larger fleets, which has become a common tactic. Given a special dispensation for her service by the Space Force Commander, she was allowed to transfer to Special Force to create a unit designed to harass fleets and installations deep behind enemy lines. She was futher promoted and has reached the rank of Amatakar, one of the highest possible ranks. Although she is fully reformed, she still maintains a Piratical appearance, within Force regulations, featuring extensive tattoos and piercings.