Unity-class Mothership Leviathan

The Unity-class Mothership Leviathan is a warship originally designed by the Canthian Federation Military and later modified by the Combined Delta Military and built by the Ark Mobile Shipyards. Only one has ever been built and it bears the name of it's class. The Unity is over 30 km long, 20 km wide and 5 km high.

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The Unity was originally designed, as the Supreme Commander-class Mothership Leviathan, in -279 by the CFM Engineering Division as an experiment into the practicality of building a Leviathan sized flagship for the CFM. At the time the largest ship in the CFM fleet was less than a tenth of the Unity's proposed size. The plan was eventually scrapped by High Command decided that the cost of construction was far too high and that building such a large vessel would force them to commit to many resources to operations involving it. The design was updated in -199 and it was briefly reconsidered in -174 as a potential response to the Sekhtokrun Saskatekht Uranakha, a Leviathan sized siege and fleet warship. It was decided that a group of smaller ships would be more effective at combating the Saskatekht and thirty Indefiable-class Siege Dreadnoughts were commissioned instead.

In -157 the newly formed Combined Delta Military began planning a flagship for the organisation to rival the Leviathans of it's Sekhtokrun and Tyr Empire foes. The CFM suggested using the Supreme Commander and it was quickly chosen over newer, less developed ideas. A joint committee was setup to update and improve the design and in -156 construction began on it. It's sheer size meant that none of the convetional military shipyards had the facilities to build it so the contract went to Ark Mobile Shipyards, one of several shipyards within the Ark Fleet Consortium set up to construct Arks for the fleet. The class was renamed the Unity-class and the first, and only, ship of it's type was named the DS Unity.