The Tyr are a race originating on the planet Vulct, descended from the Vaaris.


Origins and Conquest of Vulct

The Tyr are the direct descendants of a Vaaris faction formed entirely of those affected by the Dark Denial incident. They blame the descendants of the VIAVT for their loss of connection to the Void and the hardships that followed as a result. The Tyr then indoctrinated a hatred within their populus against their former bretheren.

With the fall of Void-tech, civilisation on Vulct regressed so far that the Tyr, inhabitting the Western continent, lost all contact with the inhabitants of the Eastern continents.

Having developed seperate to the other races on Vulct on a continent far to the southwest of Arhok and Agypt, the Tyr were unaffected by the great wars and could take advantage of the ensuing chaos to capture the entire planet in the Grand Invasion. The following events culminated in the Fission of Vulct. This meant that the Tyr took control of Vulct and the Vulcaan were cast into the Void.

With their enemies out of the way, the Tyr sealed their iron grip on the nations of Vulct and turned their attention to the stars.

Conquest of the Stars

It took some time for the Tyr to develop the technology to travel between star systems as they could not harness pocket-dimensions like the Vaaris had. Instead, the Tyr created a complex graviton-manilpulation device to bridge the gap and expand out into the local region.

With this new technology, the Tyr quickly forged a vast empire across the space around Vulct, using the Armoured Legions and Vulctan slaves as a military. They crushed all opposition to their rule without much trouble as the inhabitants of the regions were Vaaris remnants and had regressed as much as the Tyr had, but with no replacement for lost technology.