TriForce is the joint military organisation of the Delta Omega Iota Alliance. It is lead by a Triumvirate of Ardugrafar, Jamieson and Imran Tayyabah.


TriForce maintains no forces of it's own but has a set of powers enabling it to mobilise requisition forces from it's member militarys. Every military force in DOIA is required to provide TriForce with a certain number of Ships, Troops and other Military resources at all times. These units are rotated out on quartlerly basis and form the TriForce Fleet. The Fleet is under the direct control of TriForce Command and is lead by the TriForce's unit of Command ships.

Command Structure

TriForce command is split into two divisions: Strategic command and Tactical command and both are lead by High Command.

High Command

High Command is responsible for making all decisions regarding overall policy and strategy for TriForce. It is subservient to the DOIA Senate, but can act independently in most circumstances. High Command is lead by the TriForce Upper Council, commonly known as the "Tri Council", a body of the top military leaders from each of DOIA's three member pacts. They are appointed and advised by the TriForce Lower Council, a larger body formed from military leaders and experts from across the Alliance. Each of the Pacts gets to appoint 11 representatives from their member factions.

The current Tri Council is Ardugrafar, Jamieson Omega and Imran Tayyabah, the council's three founding members.

Strategic Division

The strategic division is responsible for planning operations and co-ordinating between the Pacts in military matters.

Tactical Division

The tactical division is responsible for providing command ships for the TriForce Fleet, joint operations and co-ordination advice to single pact operations that form part of a larger TriForce strategy.