Tria's Timeline
Arthian Age Galactic Years Event
Canthian Age Begins in 3807PAA
1396 1214 Teitriarangar is born on Baragat VI in the colony of “Hunter's Refuge”.
1415 1230 Hunter's Refuge is attacked by slavers and the majority of the inhabitants are kidnapped. All the slavers and all the captives are later killed aboard the slaveship, Tria is the only one to survive. See here. Tria is later transferred to a Canthian Federation military medical centre.
1417 1232 Tria joins the CFM Infantry Forces
1418 1233 Tria passes training and joins the 3rd legion, 18th Division.
1421 1236 Promoted to Warrior and transferred to Later promoted to Squad leader, transferred to
1423 1237 Transfers to Assault Specialist Training Unit
1425 1239 Passes training, transfers to
1426 1240 Promoted to Elite. Transfers to Later given command of the squad.
1427 1241 Promoted to Company Chief, commands 1.14.3. Reorganises company and joins Assigned to Ninth Fleet as part of Impenetrable Shell Campaign.
Galactic Age The warp star treaty begins the next age. (CY0GA = CY1431CA)
0 0 Transfers to the Ninth Fleet Honor Guard