Thornuss Fighter

The Thornuss is an aggressive fighter that was a galactic first as it pushed the boundaries in certain areas of technology. The Kankaarian had vast experimentation and knowledge regarding machine and orikyan symbiosis. The fighter is unique in the way that it is controlled as only paraplegic born pilots are selected to control them as super fast reactions are needed due to the fighters agile nature.

During its design phase the fighter was briefed to be as agile as possible as G-force was conquered due to the fact that the pilot would be part of the fighter. The Thornuss used an onboard life support machine and auxiliary blood pump that kept the pilots thin blood circulating to all parts of their body. To achieve high agility the designers added a number of small thrusters dotted around the fighter the symbiont pilot could dodge like no other fighter, however atmospheric flight threw up the biggest hurdle, Developers knew that instablity could be trumped by the use of an onboard virtual stabiliser. It's for this reason the fighter has forward angled wings.

The only downside was that a high powered processor was needed to keep the fighter stable and said processor would produce alot of heat. This obviously issues a huge trade off between radar signature and the fighters agility, being easier to detect but harder to kill once fighting is underway. To get around the heat problem a number of cooling spines were added to the fighters design. These spine gave the fighter a very aggressive look making it one of the galaxies meanest looking fighter. A look that lives upto its deadly reputation.