Supreme Commander's Retinue

The personal elite infantry combat unit of Canthian Federation Military Supreme Commander Ardugrafar. It's official unit code is S1(Supreme Commander's Office, 1st Legion). The retinue is entirely infantry but is closely linked to other branch squads within the SCO.


Eighty Ninth Fleet honour Guard

Dug formed his first retinue in GY-0-GA, during the five year long Impenetrable Shell Campaign. He set up a squad and recruited the best six soldiers in the fleet. The original six members were(All members had the Honour Guard rank):

The squad was extremely successful and suffered only one casualty; Sevanastrof was killed, in GY-1-GA by Sekhtokrun orbital bombardment while leading an aid mission, separate from the honour guard, to help inhabitants of a partially liberated Krun Fortress World. After a year, he was replaced by Medic Commando Elite Batrafornstein.

The squad was disbanded at the end of the campaign and the member's returned to their units, some of which joined Ardugrafar in the defence of several factory planets.

First Fleet Honor Guard

When put in charge of the First Fleet for the Ket Campaign, Ardugrafar reformed the squad. Eka Inglaird had been captured by the Razarihm and taken as a host, by Razaran Warlord Zaskayet, and was not replaced, so the squad was left with 5 members. Fighting alongside Jamieson's personal guard, the FFHG scored countless victories and was present during the final confrontation between Ardugrafar, Jamieson and the Iron Lord. After the campaign, the squad stayed together as Personal Guard Squad 14.

Tragically, four of the squad's members were killed at the beginning of the Sigmus Revolution, leaving only Tria and Ardugrafar. They both fought in the revolution on Sigmus.

Infantry Forces Squad Alpha

Upon his return from Sigmus, Dug was made Infantry Commander. He rebuilt the retinue squad, starting with Tria and adding four new members:

The squad saw relatively little action during Dug's short term as Infantry Commander, but was instrumental in the liberation of Trassos and the destruction of the Sekhtokrun Third Armada.

Supreme Commander's Retinue

Upon being made Supreme Commander, Dug quickly set up a semi-independant sub-branch of Command; the Supreme Commander's Office. The first unit created within the Office was the Supreme Commander's Retinue, into which all of Squad Alpha quickly moved. He also created a new rank prefix, Retinue, which made all the squad's members Retinue Elites.

Current Members

The Retinue currently has 6 members, who, aside from Ardugrafar, all hold the rank Retinue Elite. After each name, their main specialities are listed.