Supreme Commander's Office

The Supreme Commander's Office is a division of the Canthian Federation Military's Command branch, which lies outside standard unit structure. It's is lead by the Supreme Commander and is mostly independent from the rest of the military.


The SCO exists to support the Supreme Commander in all his official activities, both administrative and military. The office effectively acts as an extension of the commander itself, allowing duties to be delegated that otherwise could not be.


The Office is split into four departments, although the border between them is fairly indistinct and many people perform duties for two or more of them. The departments are the administrative department, the advisory department, the transport department and the military department.

Administrative Department

The Administrative Department exists to perform the every-day tasks that form much of the Supreme Commander's job, allowing him to spend more time doing other things. Tasks performed by the department include communicating the Supreme Commander's decisions, overseeing the CFM's application of the SC's strategy, military diplomatics and performing official inspections of operations. The administrative department is run by the Deputy Supreme Commander, who is responsible for the day-to-day running of the CFM.

Advisory Department

The Advisory Department is the smallest of the four, consisting of several small groups of independent, expert advisers. The most important of these is the Supreme Commander's Inner Circle. The advisory department provides the SC with expert advice on subjects prior to making desisions or discussing situations with the Commander's Council or other bodies.

Transport Department

Although originally the transport department exists only to provide unarmed personal transport to the commander when necessary, it has expanded and maintains a small fleet of combat vessels for the commander's use and armed transports for the Military Department's units.

Military Department

The military department maintains and supports the SC's personal combat units; the Supreme Commander's Retinue and the Supreme Commander's Guard. The Retinue is an elite commando squad that the SC personally leads in combat, while the guard is larger group of infantry that are officially a ceremonial guard for the commander but in reality have become an elite combat unit that the SC deploys in situations where he requires soldiers he can trust. He will sometimes lead the Guard in combat when mission parameters require a larger force than the Retinue. The Guard also defends the official offices of the SCO, the commander's official home and other properties, bases and Transport Department ships.