Supreme Commander

The Supreme Commander is the the commander-in-chief of the Canthian Federation Military. The position is currently held by Ardugrafar.


The Supreme Commander is appointed by the High Commander's Council and is usually one of the High Commanders prior to promotion. The appointment must be approved by the Federal Higher Council. The Higher council cannot make the selection but can request that the Supreme Commander be replaced at any time. If the entire lower council votes unanimously it can force a replacement request or disapproval motion by the Higher council. The Supreme Commander is free to give any orders to his or her forces that do not break federal laws or conflict with orders from the federal council.


The Supreme Commander holds the highest rank level in the CFM which cannot be surpassed by any other officer. The rank holds no numeric value and is often written as A or ∞. A direct order from the Supreme Commander overrides all others and cannot be disobeyed by any member of the CFM. The only exception to this is during meetings of the High Commander's Council. The Supreme Commander is both the figurehead and practical leader of the CFM. He or she is responsible for setting overall policy and, often, deciding on strategy and campaigns. Only the Federal President, and in a few special cases the Higher Council, can give orders to the Supreme Commander, other bodies must request certain courses of action. Traditionally the Supreme Commander does not fight themselves but some, such as the incumbent Ardugrafar choose to fight personally. In these cases they often lead a personal honour guard of elite soldiers. Supreme Commanders also often act as Fleet or Army Commanders.

The Supreme Commander is also the High Commander of the Command Branch and fulfils the duties of a High Commander for the branch.

Governmental Role

The Supreme Commander wields a significant amount of federal power in addition to almost complete control over the military. They automatically hold the position of Defense Councillor within the Federal Upper Council, taking one of the positions that would usually be appointed by the Federal Lower Council. With the approval of the majority of the High Commanders, they have the right to declare Martial law over any part of the Federation for as long as necessary or until forced to return power by the Federal council. Space captured for the federation by CFM military actions also falls under the direct rule of the Supreme Commander In the event that the Federal President is killed by enemy action, the Supreme Commander becomes acting president until the security breach has been satisfactorily closed and a new president is selected. The Supreme Commander is also head of the Military police and can personally arrest any citizen on suspicion of military crimes against the Federation. To arrest the Federal President he must have the unanimous support of either the High Commander's or Upper Federal council. He or she is not able to act as a Judge in military courts.