Story: Burning Fist

Fae felt a vibration shudder through the ship as another asteroid impacted against its shielded hull. In her view out of the small window set in the bulkhead opposite her, dark, brown rocks floated past, the occasional burst of light illuminating them as brilliant beams leapt out from the vessel to disintegrate any of their larger brethren that wandered too near.

A thud echoed around the small chamber, followed by a muffled groan and a judder. Fae gripped the edge of her seat with her spare hand as she felt the sudden movement pull at the connections between her armour and chair. The drop pod lurched away from it's parent ship and, after drifting for a few seconds, burst into life; four jets blazing awake and pushing it towards it's goal. Fae felt the whole pod vibrate and the roar of engines filled the small space. Glancing out the window she could see a dark, jagged shape hanging in the distance. A few specks of light stabbed out from it's indistinct surface and a handful of dull glows hung in the blackness around it, the only hint of the deadly defence grid that lay between the pod and it's target.

"Hold on tight, engaging cloak." Kast's gruff voice warned from the seat behind her. The pod was arranged in a triangle, with it's three occupants sitting facing away from each other. The ground was actually the rear of the ship, and Fae could feel the engine's vibrations travelling up her leg. Attached the