Stardancer, also known as Starborgs, is the name colloquially given to cyborgs who have augmented themselves so as to able to survive and operate in space without external support. Several sub-groups exist within the Stardancers based on the individuals abilities. While the majority of Stardancers are Novakyans, a small number of individuals from other races have become dancers and even jumpers. The Delta Military Forces Special Force maintains a small squadron of starblades.



Any Stardancer capable of freely manoeuvring in space, usually achieve via thrusters in the feet or back and manoeuvring jets in the hands.


The much smaller group of dancers capable of faster than light travel, almost exclusively using personal wormhole jump drives.


Stardancers that work for military organisations, usually acting as so-called "Starship Assassins", who work to disable a starship or break into one to assassinate the crew. Officially classified as Extraterrestrial Infantry.


Stardancer augmentations push current cyborganics technology to the limits of it's capabilities. Large amounts of incredibly expensive picomaterials are required to shrink all the technology necessary to survive and operate in space to fit into a normal sized body. The earliest dancers had to be enlarged to fit all the technology and often stood 3 or 4 metres tall. Even now, the majority of Stardancers embrace roboforms and abandon most of their organic bodies to make the conversion easier. A small number have managed to retain their organoforms and reach the level of dancer and and even smaller number have reached jumper. One stardancer, a woman named Neskinn Leiga, was the first to succeed in retaining her organoform while augmenting her body with both jumper abilities and the built in weapons customary on starblades. She has since become an extremely successful warrior and has risen to the rank of Amatakar. A second starblade, Kiyaraskaera also holds the rank of Amatakar.