Special Force
Special Force
Parent Delta Military Forces
Commander-in-Chief Force Commander Bartran Hergus
Headquarters DSS Extreme Violence
Personnel 30,000
Expertise Special Operations

The Special Force(AKA SpecFor) is the elite special operations force of the Delta Military Forces. The force is lead by Force Commander Bartran Hergus.

SpecFor's mission goal is to maximise the value of the DMF's most skilled and talented personell. To this end, SpecFor undertakes Special Reconnaissance, surveillance, assassinations, Guerilla Warfare, Unconventional Warfare, Direct Action and rebellion incitement. Effectively SpecFor is tasked with undertaking the most critical, dangerous and high risk missions the DMF faces. The force consists of a series of relatively small, elite units specialising in various theatres and operating roles. By far the smallest force, with only about 300,000 personnel(including support staff), it is also has the most freedom from executive control.



The Special Force is head-quartered on the "DSS Extreme Violence", a heavily modified General-class Carrier Battleship designed to garrison troops permanently, include expansive training facilities and a greater focus of troop carrier and smaller vessel docking rather than strike craft operations. The "Extreme Violence" is supplemented by a handle of cruisers which act as mobile bases for large operations and a small number of planet side and station bases, mostly for training and R&D purposes. Most SpecFor operations are based out of facilities or vessels operated by one of the other Forces.

Amatakar and the Extraordinary Threats Task Force

Unique to the Special Forces, the rank of Amatakar is reserved for those who display such skill and achieve such greatness as to rise above even their elite brethren within the Special Force. Originally created as a system to honour the very best personnel the DMF had, it has since transformed into a sort of Special Forces for the Special Forces. In -50, then Force Commander created the Extraordinary Threats Task Force and made the Amatakar its field units. The ETTF is a group of elite intelligence, strategy and analysis personnel tasked with identify serious threats to the DMF beyond the scope of conventional forces. The Amatakar are then responsible for neutralising those threats. Such situations include thwarting subterfuge, deep cover espionage, operating far behind enemy lines, reinforcing key points in battles, assassinations.

Modern-day Amatakar are required to not only be a leading expert in one of more specialist fields but also to wide-ranging skills and the ability to operate in almost any environment or situation. Depending on the mission at hand, they might be operating solo in civilian areas, leading normal troops in battle, undercover deep in enemt territory among many possibilities. They are also used for extremely high risk conventional Special Forces operations at the request of a Commander. The Amatakar division of the ETTF is led by Amatakar Commander Ardugrafar. There are currently 16 active Amatakar.

The ETTF also includes the Amatakar Support Corps, tasked with provisioning and equipping the Amatakar; and the Extraordinary Reconnaissance Fleet, elite recon ships and personnel who gather information in situations not deemed dangerous enough to require Amatakar deployment.

Current Amatakar

Operative Position Specialisation
Ardugrafar Commander Cyber warfare, Assault Infantry Combat
Faergravenn Sub-Commander Heavy Infantry combat
Zissou Muon Sub-Commander Investigation, Forensics, Non-Lethal combat
Maraesa Kristoen Assault Infantry combat, Deep Commando operations
Kastmarsvard Demolitions/Heavy weapons
Imivatosuhde Precision weaponry
Karas Utvin Espionage, Formshifting
Neskinn Leiga Extraterrestrial Infantry warfare
Kiyaraskaera Extraterrestrial Infantry and Cyber warfare
Mikill Iskip Scouting and Recon
Sevanastrof Combat Medicine, Biological and Chemical warfare and countermeasures
Vig Subterfuge, Disruption warfare, Marine combat, Small Fleet Tactics
Etvig Son Kelmar Ground/Air Vehicle piloting, Mechanics