Skurian physiology is similiar to that of a monkey yet wierdly enough according to Illian geneticists, they are highly evolved Orikyans. Illians Genetecists believe that due to forced circumstances the Skurian relocated to caves and later on underground biodomes. Slowly adapting to their environment the Skurians tinkered with technology for millenia, laying in wait to take over the hostile land above and reclaim Ssaa once again.

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The Skurians dwelled in underground caves , slowly adapting to their new habitats. Believed to have been forced into these caves due external forces effecting the planets. The previous Skurian empire crumbled after an abundance in farm animals lead to an increase in the size and number of dangerous predators. Skurians were forced underground when the predator population became unbearable. The Skurians had to give up on previous technology as their steam based engines were powered using Sunlight. As the Predators grew in size and numbers competition between males for mates caused a severe rise in intelligence. Their recognition of Skurian technology was the main reason behind why Skurians were unable to use Solar panels on the planets surface to power engines underground.

Living off an abundant supply of fish, water and plant roots the Skurian were a well nourished race. The Skurian grew accustomed to the dark and damp surroundings donning themselves in oily furs and using stones to cover fires as the light created by the fire was harmful to their large dark adapted eyes.

Over time technology developed although at a tremendously slow speed. After a millenia of dwelling underground the Skurian had only discovered electricity and still had not been able to fully harness its power. Even though technology was developed slowly famous discoveries were made over this large amount of time. Examples of these were the Messa a curved 'S' shaped staff still used as a weapon and tool by Skurians and Grietessa's a complex layered circular stone used as breathing apparatus underwater.

Although few in number and far apart timewise Skurian Technology was in all ways genius. After an extra two millenia the Skurian had discovered their version of the 'computer'. What was special about this was that the circuits and gates that made up the computer were all waterproof meaning they could be kept in water and cool streams stopping the computer from overheating and lets the computer achieve much higher processing speeds depending on the temperature and speed of these underground streams.

At this stage the Skurian were confident to the point that they believed that they could retake the world above them only to find that the world left behind millenia ago had almost completely died out. The only animals that remained were tall omnivorous mammals that lived off the old trees whos roots ran deep into the ground. These animals known to the Skurians as Thooku's which means 'night'. They were named this due to the fact that they have excellent night vision and are nocturnal animals.

The Skurians emerged to the barren world above and started habitualising it to fit their needs. Biomes were erected and guarded as the Skurians were unaware of any other animals living on Ssaa. These biomes were giant structures some reaching far ino the sky coming into contact with clouds, however the Skurians were limited as they could only build these biomes over a abundant quick current water sources. Scouts were sent out and a number of these sources were found and built upon yet it was still not enough.