Skurian Confederacy
Skurian Confedaracy
Friendly - Iota Pact
Internal Data
Aliases Skurian
Capital Ssaa
Claimed Regions {$regions}
Major Ethnic Groups Skurians, Brakan, Tesh
Demonym Skurian
Population 120 Billion
Government Khulian Democracy
Head Of State King Ug Rooss
Military Skurian Hunter Cadre
Official Languages Skurr
Currency Mussech

The Skurian Confedaracy is the union of the inhabitants of 9 systems within the Sanguin region. The confederacies population is mostly made up of the Skurians, A short underground dwelling nocturnal race. After the events of Landfall the Skurian race grew exponentially taking to the Stars only in 340 years and inhabiting a system of 9 Planets in the following 200 years. The Skurian Confederacy had struggled to terraform these 9 planets including their own homeplanet Ssaa. Other then the Skurians which make up 87% of the confederacy an Orikyan race,the Brakan and a mysterious water dwelling race known as the Tesh make up the rest of the confederacy.

There is little history of the Skurian Confederacy as it is was created on meeting with and joining the Iota Pact. After meeting with the Iota Pact the Skurians had no trouble terraforming all the other planets they inhabited thanks to Illian Technology. The Brakan have become nomads so to speak as they have taken to travelling within Iota Space where as the Tesh have stayed within Sanguin.

The Skurian Confedaracy go to war in Fleets of Shield Ships. Due to their small stature and excellent night-vision skurians have fought and won many battle's in the dark as well as in built up jungle areas.