Sigmus Revolution

The Sigmus Revolution was a year-long period of political and social upheaval during which the oppressive government of the planet Sigmus, known as the Sigmus Institute or just The Institute, was overthrown. The revolution was begun, primarily, by Jamieson Omega and Ardugrafar after they were kidnapped by the planet's government.


The start of the Revolution is shrouded in mystery, largely due to the unwillingness of those involved to talk about it. It is known that Jamieson Omega and Ardugrafar were both in the Sigmus System, which was, at that time, believed to be empty. The reason for their meeting in an uninhabited system in small ships crewed only by highly trusted personnel have never been revealed. During their meeting, the two vessels came under attack by a cloaked foe, now known to have been Institute operatives. They used a bioweapon to incapacitate the people inside. The neurotoxin killed most of those in the ships. The majority of the survivors were killed shortly after, only Ardugrafar, Jamieson, one of Dug's bodyguard's Teitriaranagar and Black Ops agent Maugin survived. The ships were taken by the Sigmus vessels and towed to a research facility on Sigmus, which was hidden under a planet-wide cloak. The four survivors woke to find themselves interred in the research facility, being prepared to be experimented on.



One of the side effects of the cloaking technology used by the Institute was to shroud the planet in void rot, greatly limiting Jamieson's Void Powers and cutting him off from the void outside the planet. To survive the neurotoxin, he had entered a deep trance, which made him appear dead to all the tests that Sigmus ran. When he awoke he found himself on an autopsy table, about to be cut open. He killed the pathologist and escaped from the morgue before security could react. Fighting his way out of the morgue, he found himself at the top of a several kilometre tall building and was forced to jump down to reach the lower levels where the others were being held.


Ardugrafar's cyborg enhancements could no protect him from the toxin's damage but they were able to restrict it and begin to repair him. Too do this he had to fall in unconsciousness. He awoke in a pit cell in the detainment wing of the research facility, restrained and under observation. However, his captors had underestimated him cyborganic abilities and he was able to break the restraints and the cell's door. Bursting out from the floor he took the guards by surprise and disabled them before stealing their weapons. Using the pair of laser side arms he fought his way through the facility looking for the others before discovering the corpses of his squad, who had been killed and left in his path after he escaped. Tria's corpse was not present and he found her shortly after, fleeing in the opposite direction from pursuing guards.


Tria's cybernetic modifications were able to protect her entirely from the neurotoxin but she lost consciousness when the oxygen level dropped too low. She awoke fairly quickly but was already being restrained. Unable to break free she was forced to endure several experiments before making her escape during a combat test with an automated sentry turret. She used a nanite acid hidden in her wrist to melt through the handcuffs restrainign her and, with the greater mobility was able to break the turret and remove it's gun. She then created a bomb out of the sentry's power supply and blew a hole in the wall of the arena. She escaped and fought her way through the test module1 until she met up with Dug.