Shellakh Tayyabah
Species Illian
Nationality Illian
Affiliation IAF
Aliases Shell
Personal Data
Gender Male
Date of Birth 19th of Ereg 561 BR
Height 1.8 Metres
Mass 17 kg
Hair Colour Chestnut Brown
Eye Colour Lime Green
Skin Colour Grass Green
Biographical Data
Place of Birth Jerich, Illia
Occupation Hunter
Rank Generala

An enigma amongst his people, Shellakh Berh'Ber Te is the Hunter General of Illia and has a close relationship with Imran Tayabbah. He was raised amongst the Burok tribe towards the south of Jerrikhan a coastal settlement. He went missing towards the end of his teenage life, most likely due to the stresses of being rejected by all the tribes.

((( Note: leaves the tribes to go out on his own, finds his own way. Discovers ancient relics of pallantian civ. and begins communing with a palantian A.I. Sent on a scouting mission by the A.I. Using palantian technology he covertly scouts the galaxies systems outrunning and sometimes fighting his way out of being captured using a palantian ship and a handful of Palantian Drone's (Pheromone controlled battle bred hornets?/actual merc robots?/Badly made experimental droids).

Refuses to go back to his people to tell of Palantians in fear of being disregarded and disliked even more, returns with Grandfather Oaken Leev after the Awakening.

Fought heroically winning many battles afterwards

Can now be found in the garden streets of (insert city) smoking Falky-een surrounded by a friends and a large bodyguard still works with Illian military as a strategist)))