Internal Data
Aliases Krun Empire
Capital Kriari Prime
Claimed Regions Akayar, Barkatar, Aborar, Rakayar, Jarkar
Major Ethnic Groups Zebtuhli, Krun, Zrark, Jupan, Furenat, Arthian
Demonym Sehkton
Population 2 trillion
Government Feudal Fascist Monarchy
Head Of State Emperor Kayrakak
Military Sekhtokrun Imperial Navy
Official Languages Kruaan(Other Sekht racial languages are outlawed but still used)
Currency Terak

The Sekhtokrun is a militant, fascist faction which controls three regions, Akayar, Barkatar and Aborar to the south of Delta space and which has been at war with DOIA members for many centuries. They are particularly embroiled in conflict with the Canthian Federation, with whom they have fought for over a thousand years, and the Sekht Union a democratic rebel faction formed almost entirely of ex-Sekhtokrun citizens. The Sekhtokrun currently contains the majority of the Sekht peoples, but is ruled exclusively by the aristocracy of the Krun race.