Rarrol Collective
The Rarrol Collective
Neutral - None
Internal Data
Aliases {$alias}
Capital Rea's Point
Claimed Regions Great Wall, Star Sea, Cereba
Major Ethnic Groups Orra
Demonym {$demonym}
Population Approx 100,000
Government The Councel of 28
Head Of State N/A {$headname}
Military {$military}
Official Languages {$lang}
Currency {$currency}

A mysterious race of large, intelligent creatures native to space. They collect energy from stars and gather minerals from gas clouds and asteroids as sustenance. Capable of a little understood form of organic faster-than-light travel and born with biological plasma weapons, fully grown adults can match battleships in speed and firepower. The Rarrol are a unique race believed to be the inspiration of the battleship both aquatic and spatial in nature. The Rarrol Collective consists of 27 different families of Orra. These families inhabit collectives of systems in space between Iota and Delta pact territory.