Raptor-class Assault Fighter

The Raptor-class Assault Fighter is a aerial and space combat fighter; designed, built and used by the Canthian Federation Military. It is the CFM's premier anti-fighter strike craft, and was designed from the ground up for dogfighting.



The Raptor is primarily designed for dogfighting, and focuses on speed, manoeuvrability and high tracking speeds.

Flight capabilities

The Raptor uses three engines, a large, central ion-jet drive, which provides a sublight acceleration of 263 ms-2 and a top air speed of 5430 ms-1. Bidirectional grav-thrusters, mounted on each wing allow the Raptor to turn sharply. The Raptor also features a worm drive to allow faster than light travel.




The cockpit is a fully self contained, life supported unit, capable of surviving hard vaccuum without the rest of the ship and of limited movement via several thrusters.


Raptor Bomber

The Raptor Bomber is a fighter-bomber version of the Raptor which trades it's railguns and downsizes it's central engine for extra missile launchers and a heavy missile drop-launch bay, allowing it to engage larger targets. It is particularly effective as an anti-frigate craft.

SF Raptor

The SF Raptor is a variant of the Raptor designed for Special Forces squadrons. It was designed for the Dark Stars squadron but it now used by most of the CFM's dog-fighting specialists. The SF features stealth capabilities, improved armour and shields, and more powerful weapons.