Project Sympathy

The Illian Intelligence Organisation (IIO) was approached by Sister Amarilla Azfode a Palantian Psychologist and Doctor.

A number of psyche-instituted individuals were brought forward. These individuals were victims and witnesses to extreme savagery and/or personal loss mostly from conflict border-worlds (With the Razarihm, Kankaar and Planet Eaters). The silverlining was that these individuals were determined to do whatever they could to seek revenge and were put into a pilot scheme designed to test their willpower and detmermination. Amarilla stated it was pointless, said patients had already been through the most rigorous of mental and psychological counselling available in Iota Pact territory.

The patients were left on worlds unfit for survival and forced to make do with minimum resources. All 20 survived the three months on different worlds and returned determined to carry on. Physically damaged by their ordeals the patients underwent advanced bio-engineering and were modified to specialise in areas of their choosing.

4 of the 20 were outfitted with additional bio-mechanical (b.m) hearts and underwent treatment for Arteriocellularkinesis, A modification that allows an Orikyan to withstand extreme G-forces and high speeds. Cybernetic implants were also added for increased spatial awareness.

9 of the 20 underwent further military training before choosing modifications. 3 were outfitted with extra-sensory b.m organs, becoming adept hunters and snipers. The other 6 were given standard muscle enhancement and endurance b.m organs. They now work with Iota Pact special forces as (one man armies?)

The final 7 underwent advanced cybernetic and cyberorganic modifications. They now operate the Iota Pact Tactical Defense Network ,working with each other to provide assistance to all fighting on the borders of Iota Pact space. They also manage quarantining and control of viral epidemics.