Friendly - Iota Pact
Internal Data
Aliases Iota
Capital Illia
Claimed Regions None
Major Ethnic Groups N/A
Demonym Palantian
Population 145000
Government Councel of Palantia
Head Of State Grandfather Owken Leev
Military None
Official Languages Plasht
Currency None

The Palantians are one of the galaxies ancient races. Biological cousins with trees, the Palantians are a hybrid animal-plant race that have been in hibernation for the past five millenia. Their reawakening triggered by the state of the galaxy, conveyed to them by Shellakh. They are led by Grandfather Owken Leev, Grandfather being a title. All Palantians Speak Plasht called 'the ancient language' by Illians.

Member of the Iota pact


The Palantians are a very ancient race. Having been around for an unknown amount of time, the Palantians have learnt from their mistakes ages before man and are highly advanced in many aspects of war and life. Palantians have no calander and only do not take down certain dates or times as they believe that remembrance of good or bad events may effect a persons view on life and also their views on themselves. Even though palantians refuse to date certain events the the elders are still able to remember certain past events mentioned to members of the Delta Omege Iota pact.

One incident reported by several elders was the rebellion of a secret organisation of palantians. These palantians were corrupted by the power their technology gave them. The secret organisation known as 'Enlighten' used Gate-Trees to spread through out the palantian territory gaining considerable power in a short amount of time. 'Enlighten' then revealed themselves to the general populace including other races the palantians lived beside threatening to unleash a deadly neurotoxin which will spread through Gate-trees and infect and kill everyone throughout the palantian territory.

The group was then destroyed from within by a Palantian known as Xylenia Flo. Her skills gathering information about the organisation in such a short amount of time are almost legendary. She survives to this day as a Palantian elder and a Head member of the Iota Intelligence Organisation.

After the destruction of the organisation a council was held where alot of existing technology was destroyed and/or hidden from people deemed unworthy. The only technology revealed to the Delta Omega Iota Pact has been the Gate-Trees.


Palantians are very big creatures, their heights ranging from 200 metres to 50 centimeters. Male and female palantians have noticable differences (excluding masculine and feminine body frames), these being the fact that male palantians resemble decidious trees where as females resemble evergreens.


As mentioned above not much Palantian technology has been revealed to the Illian or the DOI pact apart from the Gate-Trees.

see Gate-Tree


Having been around for such a long time Palantian society is claimed to have evolved to perfection. Titles are given in the form of family titles believing this strengthens bonds between palantians. All similiarly aged palantians refer to one another by brother and sister using father or mother for older palantians. When a male and female palantians marry their titles changes to cousin due to its unisexual nature. Grandfather and Grandmother are used for elder palantians holding important titles.