PA-3SR Hybrid Combat Gun

The PA-3SR Hybrid Combat Gun, commonly known as the "Zweihander" or Dug's Shotgun, is a prototype custom weapon designed and built by The Armory, a Canthian Federation weapons R&D company, for use by Canthian Federation Military Supreme CommanderArdugrafar.

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The PA-3SR was commissioned in GY-9-GA by Ardugrafar in anticipation of combat during the Ket Campaign. The Armory, a private R&D firm, developed the weapon with the focus on short-range and melee combat but to be as versatile as possible. With no limits on the cost of the weapon, and little chance of it ever being used by anyone else, everywhere aspect was tailored directly to Ardugrafar's combat style, and Ardugrafar was involved in every step of the development process, and designed and constructed the on board computer and it's software, himself. Upon completion of the second prototype, he was so happy with the result that no further changes were made and he uses the model to this day.

The PA-3SR is a combination firearm/coilgun and operates as both a shotgun and a rifle. It is capable both pump-action and semi-automatic reloading and has three separate magazines which can be rotated into use to change the ammunition. Although designed for use with a pistol grip, it has a stock which telescopes out from the handle.