Owzair Faiyhaz
Owzair Faiyhaz
Species Orikyan
Nationality Al-Fillizian
Affiliation Al-Filiz
Aliases Owzair
Personal Data
Gender Male
Date of Birth {$dob}
Height 1.8m
Mass 15kg
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Brown
Skin Colour Fair
Biographical Data
Place of Birth Flooss
Occupation Arbitrator
Rank Arbitrator

Owzair Faiyhaz is the current arbitrator of the Open Council. The Al-Filizzian government is based around an open councel where large numbers of people gather together to express their opinions and make proposals, The arbitrator plays the role of judge within the councel, controlling the flow of talk and creating groups of discussion to solve problems. He is a representative of sorts and finalises decisions made.

One of the oldest leaders in the Iota Pact, Owzair is wheel-chair ridden.

He is also known as Al-Khaleeda's teacher and colleague.

The arbitrator of the open council wields an artifact of the 500 year war between the two ancestor factions of the Al-Filizz. The Bane Hammer is a highly tech artefact created towards the beginning of the 500 year when Filizzians were most knowledgeable. The Warhammer has never been studied and never will be as the artefact can only be used and wielded by the Open Councels Arbitrator as he is most knowledgeable.