Novakyans are a cyborg racial group defined by Delta and recognised by the DOIA Classifications and Standards Body. Novakyan's are biologically Orikyan and prenatally augmented in compliance with the Delta Citizen Augmentation Architecture. Over 99.9% of orikyans in Delta fall into this group, and 97% of non-orikyans have Novakyan-equivalent augmentations. It is believed to be the second most populous racial group in Known Space.

Delta Citizen Augmentation Architecture

The Delta Citizen Augmentation Architecture, commonly known as The Canthian-pattern and originally branded as Auganism, is the cyborg architecture mandated by the Delta Biological Service and required by the definition of Novakyans.

The DCAA is a series of genetic and cybernetic modifications which enhance the natural physical abilities of the Orikyan and add a suite of extra abilities.


The DCAA is applied to Orikyan DNA to create a true synthesis of natural and artificial life forms. Augmented individuals are able to reproduce and give birth to fully augmented offspring without surgery or other external influences (beyond necessary food supplements). The pattern can be applied to the offspring of non-augmented individuals during the first week of gestation and requires only food supplements to achieve a safe birth. Post-birth patterns which approximate the functionality of the DCAA exist, but require extensive surgery to install.

Augmented individuals grow a network of nanites which work in concert with a set of modified organs to construct an Organoform body which improves upon the natural Orikyan form hysically, psychologically and mentally. The augmented brain is capable of natively interfacing with external networks. By default control of the internal nanite network is largely sub-concsious, but direct control can be achieved with training.

The DCAA enables the augmented to self-modify both the organic and nanotech parts of their DNA and to modify every part of their body at any point in life. This is allows new versions of particular organs or cybernetic sub systems to be distributed via software patches. Some upgrades require dietary supplements to provide raw materials or specialist nanites. Some high end augmentations, particularly military ones, require some surgery to install complex artificial hardware that it is impractical to construct internally.


The DCAA describes a base level of augmentation which all individuals possess, or will grow to possess, at birth. This levels provides many upgrades over natural orikyan bodies, while maintaining most broad physiology. Upgrades include:

  • Ability to interface with external networks, including persistent Grid connection
  • Increased resilience to disease and injury
  • Greatly improved recovery speed from physical injury
  • Improved strength, speed, reflexes, sense, etc.

The DCAA equalises the physical abilities of males and females and, while the natural process of gender assignment and the manifestation of sexual characteristics are unmodified, the pattern makes it relatively simple to switch sex post adolescence. Relatedly, the DCAA reduces variance in natural ability and greatly increases the body's ability to adapt to the environement it experiences, activities it undertakes and the mental state of its owner. Physically this means that almost anyone can be a top tier athlete, given the necessary training, or a top tier scientist given the proper education. The system is also designed to develop people's aesthetic appearance in synthesis with their personality, blending the appearance of both parents with the person's unconscious mental image of themselves. This, combined with great freedom to consciously alter their appearance seeks to remove personal dissatisfaction with looks and raise self esteem. Arthian genetic manipulation left very little variation in aesthetic appearance amongst its descendent peoples and the DCAA has been used to restore diversity. Most Novakyans allow their features to develop automatically through adolescence and then spend the first decade of adulthood tweaking them before settling on an appearance that usually lasts largely unchanged for the remainder of the bearer's lifetime.

The visible effects of aging have been all but removed and the average life span raised to approximately 180 standard years. Most old-age deaths are caused by so-called "brain failure" a condition that is still not entirely understood but serves as a hard upper limit on life extension.

The DCAA is highly extensible and enables individuals to make almost any modification to their body they wish. The Delta government heavily regulates modifications, especially those of a military nature, but largely allows citizens to do as they please with their appearance.

Military research upon the DCAA allows the DMF to integrate a wide variety of weapon systems and electronic warfare packages among many other modifications.


For those unable to qualify for Novakyan status, either from not being of Orikyan descent or not having been augmented before birth, the Biological Service provides a suite of patterns compatible with the DCAA to as great extent as physiology allows. The majority of these do not qualify the bearer for military service but are sufficient for most civilian roles.