TriForce Strikes Back at Tyr Empire

Ember - 16:02 12.1.0

In the wake of yesterday's destruction of Bahal by what is believed to have been a Tyr superweapon, TriForce has launched a series of heavy assaults against Tyr positions bordering Ember and other northern Omega regions. Seven large fleets and many smaller groups, comprised of ships and troops from every DOIA member, have been involved in the conflict which has, so far claimed two Tyr outposts and laid siege to three Tyr held systems. The fleets have been engaged in battle by numerically similar forces repeatedly but have not been stopped.

Details on the attacks are limited but it would appear that the Tyr have been taken by surprise by the sudden onslaught and has been repeatedly forced back from it's forward defensive positions. At least one Tyr fleet has been defeated in open battle and several others have been forced to retreat. The forces appear to be arranged into three armadas of roughly equal forces and no clear concentration of any one Pact's forces in a single armada.