TriForce Achieves First Victory
The Battle over Tesran III

Taskar III - 21:13 5.1.0

TriForce, the newly created joint military organisation of the Delta Omega Iota Alliance, today scored it's first official victory in a fleet battle with the Tyr Imperial Navy above Taskar III, an inhabited system in the Cinder region. The Fleet assembled in deep space close to Taskar after a large group of Tyr Dreadnought, with escorts, laid siege to the orbital defences of Taskar III, an important strategic world in West Vulcaan Descent space.

The TriForce fleet, which contained vessels from nearly all of the member factions of DOIA, engaged the Tyr at 15:43, beginning a protracted fleet battle which lasted for four hours. Reports indicate that the Tyr fleet lost three of it's seven dreadnoughts and at least 15 smaller ships. TriForce suffered only one loss, the Delta Space Fleet Warlord-class Carrier Battleship Furore, with seven deaths. The majority of the crew survived after teleporting onto an Illian dreadnought. The planet's defenders also lost a Heavy Defence Battery and suffered damage to several other key defence satellites. The TriForce fleet remains in orbit to protect the planet while repairs are made.

In a Grid press-release, Fleet Commander Dar Canaras, who lead the fleet, stated that joint intelligence operations had indicated that an attack in the area was imminent and that TriForce had been assembling ships read to respond for several days. He continued to say that "…this operation was an astounding success, and has proved that despite the great varieties of styles within the various fleets of DOIA we are able to work together as well as fleets from a single military." He went on to say that he hoped "this will lead to closer cooperation between the involved militarys in the future".

DOIA opponent, and Innuan High Commision member, Albaret Garfasso, stated that the victory was "…nothing but propaganda, aimed to make a useless organisation look worthwhile. The "TriForce" fleet heavily outnumbered their Tyr foe, and their victory was inevitable."