Razarihm strike deep within the Canthian Safe Zone

Kafhan, Adea 17:52 16.2.0

In a shock attack that has left over three thousand dead and the southern borders in turmoil, the Razarihm have launched a brutal raid on the industrial world of Kafhan. The assault, which began little over an hour ago and, was routed mere minutes ago, took place more than eighteen light years within Delta's "safe zone", the area of space designated to be mostly safe from enemy action.

At 16:46 today, a Razarihm fleet, containing at least seventeen battleships and three siege dreadnoughts appeared in the Asine system, just above the atmosphere of Kafhan. shockingly, it took the three dreadnoughts only thirteen minutes to break through the planetary shield and begin firing on ground and aerial installations. Defence Force units responded to the attack but were heavily outnumbered and had to withdraw after being pushed back by the battleships. It took 24 minutes for a fleet to assemble and chase the Rihm out of the system, in which time they destroyed approximately 18 square kilometres of factories and crashed four large aerial facilities. The Razarihm lost no ships.

In a statement released by their Press Office, the Delta Military Forces admitted that the military had been taken by surprise and had not responded to the aggression quickly or strongly enough. They announced that Adea's front line defence state had been elevated to "Critical" and an investigation has begun into how the Razarihm ships broke through front line and secondary sensor nets undetected. The statement finished by apologising for the failure to the people of Kafhan and the loved ones of those killed in the attack.