Leaders React To Bahal Massacre

04:01 11.1.0

Heads of States and military leaders across the Delta Omega Iota Alliance have spoken out in reaction to the Bahal Massacre.

Shortly after, Delta [[Alliance Commander]]] Lyssa Vald released a gridcast statement in which she lamented the loss of life and offered condolences to Allia and it's people. She went on to say that "…Delta will support our close allies in this time of need in every way we can. Acts of Terrorism such as this are beyond irreproachable and we will be moving quickly to make sure that this can never happen again. I urge our citizens not to panic at the possibility of further attacks. We must stay strong to survive this onslaught."

The High Lord of Vulct was unavailable, but the Government of Vulct released a statement in his name in which he condemned the attack as cowardly, vile and unforgivable. "We feel the pain of our brothers and sisters in the Allian Republic and share their grief at the untimely deaths of so many innocent souls." The whereabouts of High Lord Jamieson Omega are unknown and he has reportedly not been seen since he received the news. The Al has declined to give comment until after the mourning ceremony.

The Ark Fleet Consortium's Fleet Admiral, Yanas Bora confirmed at 03:42 that the arkship "Kaserban Dream" was in the Bahal system at the time of the supernova that it was destroyed. 760,000 lives were lost with it. He added: "We mourn the deaths of both Consortium and Allian and our thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones in this horrific event."