Extreme climate changes caused by 'Weather Machine'

IIO HQ, Emin, Kawar - 15:06 15.2.0

Top scientists at the IIO have come to believe that the recent extreme climate changes on 5 well populated planets are due to the use of a 'Weather Machine' by the enemy. The claim was made after a chemical test on a seemingly normal meteorite returned abnormal results, results stated that the meteorite contained a number of orikyan-made chemicals which caused severe unbalance in the planets' ecological system. A large increase in certain atmospheric gases caused irreversible climate changes. Skeptics say that the meteorites are just a collection of dust other blaming harmful waste chemicals from space-fleet battles. Meteor showers were reported on 7 planets in south-eastern Iota Pact territory, whether its the Kankaar or the Razarihms doing, at this stage we do not know.