Delta defeated on Prios Gamma

Prios Gamma - 22:01 5.1.0

After three months of fighting, the Delta Military Defence Force troops on Prios Gamma have been forced to retreat, leaving the planet in the hands of the Razarihm. The world, in the south of Delta space, in the Shade region, is uninhabited but posesses vast mineral resources. Delta has held the world for only 7 months, after capturing it from the Sekhtokrun, but it was too close to the Razarihm front line for mining operations and has been the constant target of attacks.

Elite Commander Drargaratal, who commanded the infantry on the planet stated to reporters that "Command has decided that the planet is not, at this time, worth the effort required to keep it out of the Rihm's clutches. Trust me, the Razarihm have not won here." He refused to elaborate on the why losing a planet could not be counted as a victory for the Rihm.

Military Analyst, Sefra Cortask, supsects that "…there's either something we don't know about the planet that makes it a liability to hold in that conflict for either side, or the CFM has booby trapped the planet, or both."