Delta Omega Iota Alliance Officially Founded

Sigmus - 3:21, 1.1.0

The political landscape of the civilized galaxy has been greatly altered today, as the long-awaited Delta Omega Iota Alliance has been officially brought into existence. In an elaborate ceremony at the DOIA Assembly on Sigmus, the three treaties that comprise the alliance were signed by representatives from Delta, the Omega Pact and the Iota Pact at exactly 0:00 this morning.

The signing was followed by three hours of celebrations, including orbital parades by the three powers' space fleets and various traditional celebration rituals from the many involved cultures. Celebrations across the territories of the new supra-faction continue as this piece is being written.

The Treaty's most immediate effect is to begin a new calender system, making today the first day of the zeroth year. The newly established supra-faction which will unite the free peoples of the galaxy militarily, economically and politically.