Billions of Allian casulties as star system is destroyed.

Bahal, Ember - 03:21 11.1.0

Earlier today, at 02:11, all communications from the system of Bahal ceased and Voidgates linking to the system fell dormant. A recon unit was quickly scrambled to investigate what had befallen the Allian Republic's second most populated system. The unit was sent via non-gated Void travel to re-establish the link to the system as soon as possible.

At 02:57, a message was received on Allia. The scouts had not been able to locate the system, but a gas cloud in its place. The entire of the Allian Republic held its breath hoping that this was just a mistake. Early theories suggested a mass-teleport using previously unheard-of technology.

Three minutes later, another message was received, the outermost planet of the system was still present. The inhabitants of the small outpost on Bahal IX revealed that their star had gone supernova without warning. The inner planets had been vapourised before their populants even knew something was happening and even the starward-side of Bahal IX was scorched and inhospitable. The survivors had been extremely lucky.

Thoughts turned to what could have caused this dreadful catastrophe and research teams have already been dispatched for the centre of the system where the remains of an unknown device have been detected. At current, the balem has fallen upon the Tyr Empire who had previously held the system until the Reclaimation of Allia. It is thought that they left the device as a trap before their final retreat and have used Bahal as their first testing ground. This leaves every system captured since Bahal suspect.

The Allian government has not yet announced any plans to evacuate the suspect systems, but they would seem to have little choice, with the lives of trillions at stake. Reports indicate starships have begun a mass exodus from a large number of border systems in Omega Pact space.

The official mourning ceremonies will be held tomorrow at the time of the disaster (02:11) and will be lead by The Al and other major heads-of-state.