5,000 Killed As Delta Crushes Uprising

Torus, Adea - 00:57 8.1.0

Delta has responded with force to a rebellion in the Torus constellation in South Adea, crushing it within hours of it's inception.

The uprising started when the councils of the seven systems declared independence from the Alliance and formed the Free Democratic Republic of Torus, at 10:43 yesterday evening. The councils were backed up by a coalition of private armies, navies and mercenary forces which seized control of major population centre's military installations, starbases and wormgates, attacking the Defence Force and Security Service personell that held them. Vortran Makran, a Drop Force veteran and leader of the rebellion, named himself Temporary President, pending elections.

At 10:58, Force Commander Ardugrafar, of the Delta Special Force issued a short ultimatum to the would-be nation. In a DTV broadcast he demanded that the rebels "End this now, or I will come and end it myself." Ten minutes later, with no reply having been made he issued a second statement. "Time's up, see you soon."

True to his word, Ardugrafar immediately jumped a fleet of Security Force, Space Fleet, Drop Force and Security Force vessels into Torus and engaged the rebel forces. By 11:29, the Delta forces had complete control of the space above all the rebel planets and began dropping troops onto the surface. In a series of commando strikes they killed or captured all the "Republic"'s entire government in the space of about 6 minutes. At 11:52, Public Liason Darkarethat announced on DTV that the Torus was back under Federation control and that approximately 15,000 rebels had been killed in the fighting, most in a Kamikaze attack by a Rebel Battlecruiser. He also stated that Makran had been killed in a gunfight with Commando Squad 1, Ardugrafar's personal unit, when he refused to surrender. A Security Service Inspector said at 00:21, that about 8,000 rebels had been, or were going to be, transferred to their custody.

In an interview several minutes ago, Ardugrafar responded to claims that he had responded with undue brutality. "Delta does no tolerate anyone interfering with alliance security, and as such has a zero tolerance policy for violent political activism." When asked about a possible diplomatic solution to the crisis and the claims that Delta is scared that it's people really want democracy, he responded : "…I gave them a chance to end it without bloodshed and they ignored me. These people took up arms against us, so we responded in kind. It's not my fault they picked a fight against someone with much bigger guns. Democracy is a nice idea, but survival comes before playing with political theory."

In explanation of the death of Markan he said: "Before we even engaged their space forces, My team and I 'ported into his office and demanded that he surrender. He responded by shooting at me so I blew his head off."