Nenwe Republic
Nenwe Republic
Friendly - Delta Pact
Internal Data
Aliases Bregori Republic, New Bregori Empire
Capital Bregori Prime
Claimed Regions TBD
Major Ethnic Groups Arthian
Demonym Nenwian
Population 2 Trillion
Government Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic
Head Of State Prime Minister {$headname}
Military Republican Guard
Official Languages Bregoran, Standard, NeoArthian
Currency Delta Credit

The Nenwe(Pronounced: Nen-way) Republic is a political faction formed from the oppressive Grand Bregori Empire after a Canthian Federation incited revolution.


The Grand Bregori Empire

The Elemental Smiths

The History of the Grand Bregori Empire, is ostensibly that of the Elemental Smiths, the class of wizards that took power on Bregori Prime and built the empire. Their success was largely thanks to a host of apparently magical, powers that only they were able to wield. These powers ranged from supernatural healing strength and speed to the ability to shoot fireballs from one's hands and flight; with powers varying greatly from Smith to Smith. The Smiths encouraged the belief that the powers were magical and used them to instill fear and respect in their subjects. It is now known that their amazing feats were caused by a combination of genetic engineering, cyborganics and advanced nanotechnology, but this was not widely known outside the Smith's inner society until the fall of the Empire.

Rise to Power

The smiths moved quickly, revealing their power and brutally slaughtering the members of the Bregori parliament in a matter of minutes. Within hours they had seized control of every arm of government and most of the military. Violent public executions of anyone who dared resist quickly quietened the masses as they reorganized the planet's government. After only three weeks they had noticeably altered Bregori society and begun a lightning invasion of the two other countries on the planet. By the end of the year the entire planet was firmly under their iron fist.


The Nenwe Republic is a Unitary Democracy. The government is run by the Nenwe Parliament; a bicameral legislature. The Lower house contains 251 members, each elected from a different constituency of the Republic every four years. The Upper house has 99 members, who each represent 4 or 5 constituencies and are elected for life. The two councils each have different responsibilities, and are designed to prevent each other abusing their power. The lower council is apportioned more power than the upper council and the ruling government is formed by a Lower Member who can obtain a majority of supporting members.

A member of the Lower House can claim the title of Prime Minister within a month of the previous Prime Minister's term ending if they get a Bid for Government signed by more than three quarters of the members of the Lower Council, or more than half of the Lower House and at least half of the Upper House. A House Member may not sign more than Bid during any one campaign, unless the Bid they previously signed is withdrawn. There are currently five major political parties in the Nenwe Republic, and it is usually an alliance of two or three of these that will be able to get one of their members into the Prime Minister's Office. A small number of fourth party of independent Members usually sit in both houses.

The Prime Minister is the Head of State of the Republic and is able to appoint other members of either House to lead each of the Offices of Government. Any Member leading an Office is referred to as the Minister for the Department. Each Office of Government is responsible for a different aspect of society, such as Health, Education, Warfare, etc. The Ministers are usually appointed from the high ranking members of the allied parties that got the PM into power and Ministerial positions are often traded for support by prospective PMs.