Species Vulct
Nationality Vulctan
Affiliation Black Ops
Aliases Mau
Personal Data
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1.4.-32
Height 1.5m
Mass 60kg
Hair Colour Black (normally)
Eye Colour Black (normally)
Skin Colour White
Biographical Data
Place of Birth Vulct
Occupation Warrior
Rank Lady-Elite

Lady Maugin is a high ranked Elite Operative of the Black Ops. She is of Vulct and Arkhan descent, originating from Vulct itself. She is famed within the Omega Pact after her part in many operations in recent years. Less well-known is her mysterious, currently unexplained ability to manipulate fire.

Personal History

Name and Early life

Maugin's full name is unknown as she has never revealed it in public. This is thought to be a result of her severing herself from her early life when she left the Lower Traevek Slums to join the uprising. Early in life she was frowned upon by her peers because of her "differences" and this was what lead her to running away.

The Retaking of Vulct

Throughout the uprising on Vulct and it's reclaimation from the Tyr, Maugin managed to keep her abilities a close-guarded secret. She became a close-range weapons specalist, mainly using flamethrowers. She was the only successful flamethrower user at the time as the weapons were ineffectual against the Tyr in the hands of anyone other than Maugin. She was offered promotion many times, but every time she avoided it by using one excuse or another, hoping to remain unnoticed amongst the rank and file troops. This however, was to change with a chance meeting on the battlefield.

Maugin, as part of a small rebel strikeforce, had come under fire, just outside the ruins of Arhok. The rest of her force was wiped out by an elite squad of Tyr Controllers and she was fleeing towards the insurgency camp nearby. Unfortunately, when she arrived at the camp, it came under attack by the Tyr and the entire building was ablaze. Amidst the fighting, she noticed a figure fighting the Tyr that she did not recognise. They were wearing a long, dark cloak and using only fists and swords in combat. Without thinking, Maugin used her powers to stop the encroaching fire from engulfing the fighter and rushed to them to aid in battle. The two managed to fight off the Tyr attackers and save the other occupants from near-certain death.

Afterwards, Maugin's fellow combatant revealed themselves to be High Lord Jamieson, the leader of off-planet efforts to reclaim Vulct. He took notice of Maugin's prowess in combat and her unusual abilities. Soon afterwards, the reclaimation ended and Vulct was finally liberated. This would lead to another major change in Maugin's life.

Black Ops

Maugin was amongst the first batch of employees within the Black Ops organisation. Officials had been informed of her skills by Lord Jamieson and she was seen as perfect material for the new department of the Omega Pact.

Within the Black Ops, Maugin took part in a large number of operations, both with other organisations and separately. Many of these involved her serving alongside Jamieson and they developed tactics that allowed them to fight together extremely effectively. Two major operations were the Ket and Sigmus campaigns. It was as a result of her major role in these campaigns that she was awarded the title of Lady as part of the DOIA formation celebrations.


Maugin's relationship with High Lord Jamieson has come under criticism as a result of the difference in race and age. Even the though the relationship has not yet been made official, many political opponents of the High Lord have begun to use it as ammunition in their fight to remove him from his position.




Maugin's primary weapons are two custom-built, forearm-mounted, multi-functional incendary burst weapons. Their many functions include:

  • Close-range flamethrowers
  • Long-range 'dragonbreath' flamethrowers
  • Caesium-gel jet launchers
  • Extendable chain-axes with built in caesium jets
  • Incendary flare launchers
  • Miniature incendary missile launchers
  • Miniature shotguns
  • Short caesium-gel based flame-blades

Maugin interfaces with these weapons via a heads-up display built into her eye-piece and controls in her gloves.
She is also known to have used many different flamethrowers and firearms throughout her military career.

Maugin's signature battle-dress consists of a void-woven armoured shortcoat, corset and skirt, all-terrain combat boots and a fireproof skin-hugging suit. All of this was made around Maugin's normal clothes from before the rebellion to allow her to fight confortably without the armour inhibiting her movement.

For situations involving extreme heats, Maugin has access to a heavy-duty industrial firecoat, similar to that which would be used for working in an incinerator, but modified for combat.