Maraesa Kristoen
Maraesa Kristoen
Species Novakyan
Nationality Deltan
Affiliation Delta Military Forces
Aliases Aesa
Personal Data
Gender Female
Date of Birth -34
Height 1.63 m
Mass 68 kg
Hair Colour Light Green
Eye Colour Green
Skin Colour High Arthian
Biographical Data
Place of Birth Unknown
Occupation Military Officer
Rank Amatakar

Maraesa Kristoen, is a female novakyan, a citizen of Delta and an Amatakar in the Delta Military Forces. She is married to Amatakar Commander Ardugrafar.

Table of Contents

Military Career

Maraesa is one of the most accomplished soldiers in the DMF, holding the full rank of Elite Veteran Special Commander Karl Commando before being promoted to Amatakar, the most elite position in the DMF. She is a member of the elite Special Emergencies Team, Divison Commander of the Special Force's Light Infantry and one of only seven people to receive the Delta Commander's Special Award for Extraordinary Accomplishments.