Lay Anak
Lay Anak

A shot of Lay Anak in her disturbing message to Illia.

Species GM Illian
Nationality Plagan
Affiliation Kankaar
Aliases {$alias}
Personal Data
Gender Female
Date of Birth 3rd Izak 340 BR
Height 2.3 m
Mass 17 stone
Hair Colour Violet
Eye Colour Pure Black
Skin Colour Grey Green
Biographical Data
Place of Birth Nukeli
Occupation Leader, Scientist
Rank Kadaleest, Head Scientist

Lay-Anak is the current leader (Leaders being called Kaadaleests) of the Kankaar. Having been voted into power by nearly all of Plaga's population. Lay-Anak was popular well before voting started. Lay Anak was the first second child born to her outcast parents. Born with one arm and half a paralyzed face she was one of the healthiest Kefala to have been born in the last 100 years.

As she grew up Lay-Anak realised how lucky she was compared to half the population of Plaga. Feeling sad, remorse and anger for her fellow Kefala, Lay-Anak was driven to do her best and learn as much as she can so she could cure the people of Plaga.


She continously questioned her parents on the state that they were in and what they had done to deserve this only to be ignored. At 47 years of (young for a Kefala) Lay-Anak was told about how the Kefala were the GM Illian that ran away from Illia after rebelling against their evil scientist owners. Lay-Anak was shocked to hear this at first but was soon filled with the same wanting of revenge as the rest of the Kefala. Adding to her drive Lay learnt as much as she could and was continously working. At the age of 86 she started work on her cybernetic arm and completed it 4 years later. Recognised for her work she was given a position in the Kur School of Research and Education.