Karas Utvin
Karas Utvin
Species Novakyan
Nationality Deltan
Affiliation Delta Military Forces
Aliases None
Personal Data
Gender Variable
Date of Birth -36
Height Variable
Mass Variable
Hair Colour Variable
Eye Colour Variable
Skin Colour Variable
Biographical Data
Place of Birth Unknown
Occupation Military Officer
Rank Amatakar

Karas Utvin is a Novakyan, a citizen of Delta and an Amatakar of the Delta Military Forces Special Force. Utvin is one of the most extensively augmented individuals in the DMF and possesses a powerful ability known as Formshift. This experimental modification allows them to freely change their outward appearance and clothing. The top one to three centimetres of their skin is actually an entirely artificial layer of nanite cells. Responding to thought controls, these cells can shift their position, colour, texture and structure to create a wide variety of different body features. They are able to disguise herself as a member of most known races.

It is not known what Utvin looked like before undergoing augmentation, or even what sex they were.