The Kankaar
Internal Data
Aliases Kankaar, Kefala, GMI
Capital Plaga
Claimed Regions Terra Kotta, Carsin, Skaar, Tlip, Mor
Major Ethnic Groups Kefala
Demonym Kankaarian, Kefalan
Population 25 Billion
Government Open Councel
Head Of State Kadaleest Lay-Anak
Military Guard Mechaniz
Official Languages Lon
Currency Beed

The Kankaar are the descendent's of an number of genetically modified Illians thought to be dead. The Kankaar deserted their homeplanet Illia after finding the Gate-Trees using them to distance themselves from Illia. The Kankaar were only founded 200 years after they abandoned their homeworld taking refuge on a planet discovered during their trek across a number systems.

Often mistaken as an evil faction the Kankaar are a peace loving race with a wanting for revenge, revenge for the mutated form they are in now.


The Kankaar were originally outcasts of the Illian race. They were the imperfect results of genetic modification carried out by Illian scientists in the year 1356 BR. Illian scientists forced these genetically modified Illians through life long tests curious to see their limits. Their lack of individuality and purpose of life were the main cause of depression including the fact that they were treated not like people but like test subjects. It was not long before the first test subject (064) snapped and committed suicide, causing other GM Illians to follow suit. Others however wished to vent their depression and sadness by killing Illian scientists and massacring innocent Illian civilians. It was believed that all test subjects were accounted for, however a large number of the GM Illians escaped, hiding out in dense forests far from civilization .

The GM Illians avoided contact with Illians at all costs. Having absorbed large amounts of information from their tough tests under Illian scientist observation and their natural intelligence the GM Illians were able to hideout in the southern forests of Illia. After two and a half a years of inhabiting these forests the GM Illians discovered a Gate-Tree after a nightmare prone GM Illian accidentally activated it.

A fortnight after the Gate-Tree's discovery the GM Illians knew everything to know about the gate-tree and it was not long before the GM Illians left Illia and began their journey across ancient Palantian territory. The GM Illians came to a dead end and inhabited the third from last planet they set foot on, deeming it the most hospitable. They named this planet Illia 2. This was changed to Plaga a while after due to the founding of Kankaar.

The founding of Kankaar was brought about 79 years after the original GM Illians inhabited Illia 2 (now Plaga) and reproduced. To their shock their offspring were mutated, born without a number of limbs, senses and gruesome ailments. Rage filled the hearts of all the GM Illians swearing for vengeance in the future they founded the faction Kankaar meaning cancer. Where Illia stood for growth, healthy natural environments and the true balance of nature the Kankaar stood for decay, viruses, anything that could destroy what the true Illians loved.

Driven by the will to cure their children and the fact that they were highly intelligent, the Kankaar made huge advancements in technology. Cybernetics and cures for several of the most common ailments were created only 20 years after the founding of Kankaar. A good 100 years later the Kankaar had heavily fortified their homeworld even creating underground shelters for those born with sun related allergies this is known as year zero by the GMI. The race now adopting the name Kefala the phonetics of the three Illian letters of the abbreviation of Genetically Modified Illian

Lacking a leader, 4 years after year zero the Kefala vote Lay-Anak, A cybernetics and health scientist known for her excellent work on the cure for babies born blind and her improvement of the calibration of the cybernetic hand. She then proposed that the Kefala concentrate on the future and the present and proposed a change of name and the introduction of a new moral code. Her second proposal was approved of by the Kefala. The Kankaar were now not determined to destroy Illia but to regrow while their old enemy decays.

The above is a digitally enhanced image provided by Filizzian scoutbots, the IIO claim the person in the photo is a female assassin


The most basic of Kankaarian technology is cybernetic enhancements used to make up for the disabilities and lack of limbs babies are born with. The runaway GM Illians were very intelligent people. Able to replicate Illian technology using raw materials the GM Illians built on this technology quickly coming to a point where they could make synthetic limbs using metals from their new home Plaga. Abundant mines of metal ore were discovered on Plaga soon after the Kankaar had settled in.

Using a number of Illians staple designs and Theoretical designs from Illian scientists technology was based on a semi organic and mechanical components. Technology later phased out of the organic Illian design due to an abundance in metal and the ever present grudge the Kankaar had for the Illians.

In charge of all research, development and testing of Kankaarian technologies is the KVB, The center stone of all knowledge and education in Kankaarian Space. The KVB encourage innovative thinking and make sure all Kankaarian Citizens gain the best education possible. Citizens are sorted depending on disabilities and working senses, they are then provided with the cybernetics needed for their education and are taught a role unique to each pupil.


The Kankaar are known to have a small population (when compared to other factions), or to be precise a small healthy population. This is offset by the large amount of space that they control. In its early days the Kankaar held a small amount of space bordering only with Iota Pact territory. A number of worlds were claimed when General Kanak led small hit and run unit's into Iota pact territory to wipe out the small outposts placed around Gate-Tree's.

Throughout his leadership Kankaarian space increased until the Kankaar came across the Planet Eater and Razarihm threat. Research into biological warfare had been theoretically proven to be deadly against a threat like the planet eaters, where as the Razarihm needed to be tested on. A break for Razarihm territory was made where a number of enemy soldiers were captured as test subjects. Kankaarian forces retreated letting the Iota Pact regain the territory between the Kankaar and the Razarihm.

A number of poisons, deadly drugs and carcinogenic materials and ammunition were prepared for all enemies bordering Kankaarian space. Small incursions were made at all 3 borders before retreating. The results were shocking, showing that their new way of warfare was highly effective. Within months of the small incursions enemy forces retreated from bordering space allowing the Kankaar to claim it. Although direct news sources were unavailable the Kankaar knew that their weapon had worked as a month later a retaliatory fleet turned up in Kankaarian Border Space, only to find out that they were ghost ships.Seven hundred thousand spread amongst 35 ships were dead or in a state deeming them unable to carry out the most simple of tasks.