The Junkarl(pronounced: Yoon-karl) are an Arthian Descendant Race, descended from survivors of The Fall on the planet Kaladras IV. They form the bulk of the population of The Technocracy.


Before the Fall

Kaladras IV is a vast, unstable, volcanic world. It would not have been colonised at all if it were not for the discovery of enormous seams of valuable ore found running through the crust. In GY-204-AA, the first mining outpost was completed on the planet, a small Aerostation, which flew through the lower atmosphere and sent miners down to the surface in armoured shuttle craft. The atmosphere was incredibly toxic and corrosive and forced miners to work in heavy, protective suits, greatly restricting their movement and hampering their efforts. Despites the difficulties ore soon began to pour from the planet, making the station's owners rich and attracting many more colonisers. Soon the sky was littered with great floating refineries and habitats. As competition increased, the miners sought for new ways to safely mine the planet with less encumbrance. The Eirfrun Corporation was the first to find an effective, if controversial, solution. They gathered together a large group of open-minded individuals and began a program to turn them into cyborgs capable of surviving and mining on the planet's surface.

Their respiratory systems were heavily augmented to allow them to extract oxygen from the CO2 and SO2 that was abundant in the atmosphere. Their skin and hair was modified to withstand the corrosive gases and rough mining work and mining and surveying equipment was added to their arms and systems. With super human strength and resilience they were able to far outstrip the other, unaugmented miners and within a few years they had all but driven the other corporations out of business. Cyborganics, while not illegal in the Arthian Empire, was incredibly unpopular and those who chose to join the Cyborg miners were rejected entirely by society. Despite the hatred of the empire's people, the number of cyborgs, named Junkarl(literraly Iron Men), increased steadily and small towns and cities began to spring up on the more stable areas of land, the Junkarl choosing not to live among the organics who populated the flying cities, who tolerated them only because they made them money and hated them almost as much as the rest of society.

The Fall