Species Vulcaan
Nationality Vulcaan Descent
Affiliation Void Warriors
Aliases Jamie
Personal Data
Gender Male
Date of Birth 9.6.-95
Height 1.8m
Mass 72kg
Hair Colour Dark Grey
Eye Colour Blue
Skin Colour White
Biographical Data
Place of Birth Greylands
Occupation Warrior
Rank Lord-Commander

Jamieson is a male Void Warrior, of Orikyan and Arkhan descent. He is the current bearer of the Omega lineage, making his current title High Lord Jamieson Omega. At the present, Jamieson holds the position of High Lord of the Vulcaan Descent, Lord-commander of COMforce and is the Omega representative to the Delta-Omega-Iota Military Council.

Jamieson is well known for his long-standing friendship with his Delta counterpart, Ardugrafar.