Iota Pact Tactical Defense Network

Before its creation the idea of a tactical defense network debated for and against by all military peoples within Iota pact territory. It was agreed that a trial would be used to identify its strengths and weakness. The trial took part in Skurian space bordering both the Kankaar and the Razarihm.

The first problem to arise from the trials was that of operator endurance. Operators could not work long enough to identify patterns and enemy tactics while overworking often produced dangerously inaccurate results.

The assistance provided as well as throughput of important intel helped Skurain led Iota Pact forces to a number of victories. During an intense three way battle the Skurian Grand Admirals Ship was sabotaged and destroyed. The defence was led by the network using an ad-hoc command form to hold the line while reinforcements were scrambled to for a defensive assault.

It was decided that the network would be kept a concept until technological developments provided an a alternative to using standard operators.