Iota Pact

The Iota-Pact was created approximately 76 years before the Delta Omega Iota Alliance was formed. The pact was formed by the leaders of Palantia, Illia and the Al-Filliz.

The need for a pact was realised after the three factions Palantia, Illia and Al-Filizz fought off a planet eater splinter force which came dangerously close to assaulting kawar.

Grandfather Owken-Leev primarily created the pact with the Illium. Soon after the Al-Filliz signed the pact after a scouting force discovered the faction on their first Gate-Tree jump. Within 76 years of activity the Iota Pact has recaptured a number of planets using the Gate-Tree network. A small yet powerful fleet has been created t guard newly captured planets as well as providing logistical support. Recent encounters with Kankaarian forces have brought to light their true technological superiority. This has spurred designers and military generals into overdrive regarding the Iota Pacts space fleet and planetary forces. Blueprints for the new battleship dubbed Spine (due to its aesthetics) have been leaked however scientists working on the project are not bothered with the blueprint leaks as the real breakthrough have been in the application of a number of new technologies from all members of the Iota Pact.

The Skurian Confedaracy is the newest addition to the Iota pact bringing several new races into the fold. The discovery of the confederacy found the Skurians bound to one solar system due to sheer bad luck. Other planets in the system they occupied were neither reaource rich and were unable to be terraformed however after meeting and joining the Iota Pact the Skurian Confederacy were able to populate a vast region of space to the west of Iota pact territory.

Member of the Delta-Omega-Iota Alliance

Members of the Iota Pact
Faction Member
Al-Filizz Co-Founder
Illia Co-Founder
Palantia Co-Founder
Hafforada Sub-Member
Skurian Confederacy Member
Brakan Sub-Member
Tesh Sub-Member
Weapon Faction
TG-04 Illia