Iota Intelligence Organisation

The Iota Intelligence Organisation (IIO)is a special organisation within the Iota Pact that specialise in the gathering of information and covert operations.

The IIO was formed at the creation of the Iota pact. Each race providing the organisation with resources and skilled members. Xylenia Flo the leader of band of rebels that destroyed the terrorist organisation known as 'Enlighten' represents Palantia. Al-Kareema and the three psyonic children who have provided intelligence on activity at the destination gates of Gate-trees represent Al-Filizz. Illia provided the organization with personnel, adept in stealth and covert operations. They also provided a number of 'Combat Enzymes', a small squadron of communications cruisers and shuttles and Headquarters on the supposedly barren moon of Kawar.


The biggest project the organization undertaken is Project Sympathy. The project is well underway and has provided Illia with highly skilled individuals.