Imran Tayyabah
Imran Tayyabah
Species Illian
Nationality Illian
Affiliation Illia
Aliases Imran of Illia
Personal Data
Gender Male
Date of Birth 7th Aura 80-BR
Height 1.8 Metres
Mass 15 Stone
Hair Colour Evergreen
Eye Colour Brown
Skin Colour Pale Lime Green
Biographical Data
Place of Birth Kashek, Illia
Occupation Chieftain of Illia
Rank Chieftain, Great Hunter

Imran (Full Name Iza Medee Imran ) of Illia is the Chieftain of the Illian people, chosen by his predecessor Qualig (O.I.)after he passed away, 23 years after the creation of the Iota pact. Imran was an apprentice of Qualig's for 78 years and although young for his age, the word of a chieftain was final so Imran Tayabbah, with the help of several advisors (also chosen by Qualig) led Illia for 60 years before being fully accepted by the Illian public as a Recognised Chieftain.

His advisors include his uncle, Shellakh, an Al-Fillizian Philosopher, Al-Kareema and an Illian Representative of the IIO Leylat Dafdil. Imran decided to keep his advisors around even after he had come of age.


Born on Illia on the 7th dayof the 11th month Aura, 80 years before the Reawakening. Imran was still a youngling when his Master, Qualig met Grandfather Oaken Leev. He was also present at the first meeting of the old Palantian leader, it being a key point in his life. Inspired by the wisdom and knowledge of Oaken Leev, Imran worked harder then ever while under the tutelage of Qualig, absorbing information and learning a myriad of different things. It was at this point that Imran outshone his three fellow students and at the young age of 157 was recruited into a newly formed Illian Military Organisation (later known as the Illian Armed Forces).

Illians, not knowing much about strategy and tactics were tutored by Palantian Generals Oaken Leev Lange Brakkio and many others. It wasn't long before a number of simulation systems had been developed and Illian and Palantians discussed tactics and strategy. Having been through 12 years of training and and practice wargames Imran was ready for the front line.

After coming of age Imran was able to fight on the battlefield, whether it were on land, underwater or in space he is always present when possible, fighting alongside his brothers in arms. After years of battle war had taken its toll on Imran Tayyabah. Although hardened and experienced he was still the same calm caring person but he was troubled, troubled by his experiences upon the battlefield. His hands stained with the blood of his enemy he was saddened, not only for the losses he had sustained but also for his enemies. His hatred of battle brought about a change in tactics, although he did not stress it on his fellow hunter warriors Imran now fights to immobilise, disable and defend instead of going in for the kill.

After the battle of the four tides, a planet eater invasion. The Chieftain called in a group of specialist Illian Scientists that used a number of prototype surgical methods to wire bionic link nodes into his hands and arms. These were to link up with a revolutionary new weapon. A pair of gauntlets commissioned by the chieftain were made using the hardest materials known to Orikyans. The gauntlets took a year and 4 months to complete and were transported around a number of DOI worlds for completion. The Gauntlets contained an experimental energy shield, The shield is known to use technologies extracted from ongoing research on Gate-Trees.