Species Arthian
Nationality Canthian
Affiliation Canthian Federation Military
Aliases Imi
Personal Data
Gender Female
Date of Birth GY-1220-GA
Height 1.57m
Mass 48 kg
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Grey
Skin Colour Pale Pink
Biographical Data
Place of Birth Inaan Gamma
Occupation Soldier
Rank Veteran Sniper Commando Elite

Imivatosuhde (Short Name: Imi) is a female Arthian from the planet Inaan in the Canthian Federation. She currently holds the rank of Veteran Sniper Commando Elite in the Canthian Federation Military and is a member of Advanced Combat Unit 3.



Battle Dress and Equipment

Although Imi specialises in long range combat, her role as a commando means she is often forced into direct combat. To accommodate this she uses a custom suit of combat armour. Based on the CFM's "Assault Scout" exosuit, it is designed too strike a balance between defence, mobility, functionality and stealth. The majority of the suit is a thin powered nanoweave with light monomol plates covering vital areas such as the shoulders and chest. The suit also has a built in personal energy shield as well as an active camouflage system and an anti-signal stealth field. The suit also has neurally controlled nanomuscles to improve Imi's strength and speed. An onboard computer monitors and controls the armour and shields and ammo levels of weapons and displays the data via screens built into her glasses.

As a sniper and sharpshooter Imi is rarely seen without at least one rifle, and usually carries two, a hyper-long range sniper rifle and a long range sharpshooter rifle. Her primary sniper rifle is the custom designed C-Sn Hybrid Sniper Rifle which is capable of EM and Coilgun fire and can be accurately used at ranges up to 7 kilometres. Her sharpshooter rifle of choice is actually a Squad Sniper Rifle, the CFM Wartech CSSR8 modified for semi-automatic fire.

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