Illian Technology

All Illian technology is based on Genetical Manipulation and Bio-Engineering materials for specific uses.

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Illian weapons are different to other weapons as they solely consist of biological materials grown for a specific role in the gun. Components are grown and pieced together using steel like vines that are grown to hold everything together. Explosive bio-engineered chemicals named 'ffit' are produced from a specially made plant vine that grows at the rear of the barrel and other mechanisms mimic animal or plant physiology.

Ammunition comes in the form of two different chemical compounds that when mixed make a solid object. The following is done in a rubber mold which is then ejected by a muscular contraction of the mold, one shell always sits in the barrel and is produced whenever the gun is turned on or off. As mentioned before the explosive bioengineered chemicals are produced and stored at the back of the barrel.

All guns have an On and Off state. This lets the biological mechanisms in the gun warm up and be ready for use. When firing the weapon an elecro-chemical signal passes through the gun telling all mechanisms to activate. Shells are produced and then fired.

see Illian Weapons for a list of weapons currently and previously in use.


The standard armor and ship hull is made out of Osteobark(a.k.a. Ostea or Eo), a very light carbon based material which uses tree cells and genetically spliced them with clam shell cells given the military nickname Osteo or Eo. The fact that it is a partially alive means it will grow and self-heal. Although mostly used for military applications Ostea has seen civil applications.

Roofs of living areas are common areas of use. In this application a binding ring is used to stop the outward growth of the roof. When the roofing becomes heavy to the point that there will soon be a risk of it collapsing it is removed and replaced by another sheet. The removed roofing is then used in industrial or military areas.


Although Illian technology is highly advanced in genetic manipulation and bioengineering areas, Illian scientists are still unable to transfer a sufficiently fast and strong electrical current using nerve cells and synapses. Due to their failure in this area Illians use basic electrical wire and chemical batteries to power computer systems. Copper wires are inlaid into pre-grown vines which are then attached.